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As a vibrant Swiss cultural center we had more than 400 people visit from 30 states, nearly 30 Swiss communities, 20 Canadian locales plus Great Britain, Germany and South America in 2013

As a heritage resource we helped more than 200 people with genealogy assistance. We received more than 100 questions about travel to Switzerland. Nearly 100 of you wanted help promoting a Swiss event, or help finding Swiss heritage representation.

As we are the only Swiss archive of its kind, our Donald G. Tritt Library collection grows as individuals and Swiss clubs turn to us to provide the safekeeping of past for future generations. Last year we inventoried 2,000 treasures that you want preserved from books to cowbells.

Perhaps the most famous person who could have Swiss roots is American President Barack Obama. A Swiss genealogist found the 1692 baptism certificate for one Hans Gutknecht – Obama’s seventh-great grandfather on his mother’s side.

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Swiss traditions are found in many communities. Volkfest  is performed annually in New Glarus, WI. Above is the New Glarus Jodlerklub

Just down the road there is a celebration of Swiss cheesemaking every other year at the "Green County Cheese Days" in Monroe, WI.

A Swiss wine festival is held in Vevay IN, in the appropriately named Switzerland County. Sugarcreek, OH celebrates its Swiss Festival in September.

Learn more about what we call "Eat, Drink and Yodel!" in Swissconsin.

Other events you can find on our Events Page.

Learn more about being Swiss in North America by checking out the page links below.

The People with Swiss Roots
Who are they? What did they do?

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Did you know it's Swiss? Keep reading.

Helvetica Bold
The average Swiss eats 23 lbs of chocolate per year compared to the 11.7 lbs consumed by each American every year.

Enough said, and enough about chocolate.

What about Tell? Or Gallatin?

Here...learn about the people of Helvetica Bold.

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Swiss Center Community Stories
Swiss Center community members have been so kind to share their family stories which you can begin to read by clicking here.

Frederick J.Waldburger has been writing about his Swiss roots which begins with his Great Grandfather Johann "Hans" Waldburger, son of Hans Waldburger and Ursula Ziegher Waldburger of Buchen-Luzein.

This family of 10 came to America in the 1880's.

The story continues here with links to part one and two.