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All Things Swiss
by  Dale Hauskins on 6/29/2010

Sali,hoi and blessings in summer 2010 to all from this Kalifornischer Gitarristen !

Please listen and watch this beautiful warm short video by the Embassy of Switzerland.

I recently wrote,played & recorded my music for "Think Swiss" photo + video contest,and awarded by Presence Switzerland USA for giving my music to this sweet little video;(There is a photo of myself holding my favorite Swiss drink Rivella too.).

"All Things Swiss"
by The Embassy of Switzerland for ThinkSwiss
"Swiss Things" Photo & Video Contest.
Music: "I Could Be The One" song,music,acoustic-electric guitars by Dale Hauskins.
Recorded,mix,bass by Lewis Richards @ 17th Street Recording
Costa Mesa,California.
June 2010

Tschüßly & 1Love zäme!

Dale Hauskins