Swiss Roots
Discover the varied cuisine and the noble wines of Switzerland

A country that has four distinct regions, each with its own language and culture, and each of those regions merges time-honored local food traditions and the best of modern culinary art.

For instance, take a look at what Bern has to offer! (PDF)

Swiss Home Cooking Recipes
Enjoy the following recipes to help you cook like your grandmother. We've tried a few, and they are delicious. We'd love to add your family recipes.  Send us your contributions.

Betty Bossi Recipes
Join Betty Bossi on a culinary journey through Switzerland with a wealth of classical favourites, but also new recipes fresh from the market and featuring typically Swiss ingredients.

Gourmet Travel
As you travel through Switzerland you’ll find Malakoff cheese fritters in Canton Vaud; and cornmeal specialities and freshly caught perch from Lake Constance in Canton St. Gallen.

The Valais is famous for its raclette, melted mountain cheese served with steamed new potatoes and pickles; Graubünden for its Capuns, tender dumplings wrapped in Swiss chard leaves; Zürich for its Geschnetzeltes, creamy shredded veal; and Ticino for its luganighe sausages and fabulous risotto.

Helvetica Bold Foodies
It's just too hard to classify Swiss food. Obviously there are four languages. Now add the Cantons and the cities and the villages!

Trust usl, Swiss food is for everyone, even the President of the United States.Make that Presidents!

Take a look at a few Helvetica Bold people.

Swiss Cheeses
Every region, almost every locality, has its own cheeses. It is remarkable how much variety originates from a single product - fine Swiss milk!

Discover the diversity of Switzerland's cheeses.

Hiking in the Vineyards
Up to Europe's highest vineyards in Visperterminen, or through the Lavaux, our only UNESCO World Heritage wine-growing area, enjoying the fruits of the local vines along the way.

Wine walks are a click away!

Rosa's Yummy Yums

Great Blog and Swiss recipe ideas from an Anglo-Swiss girl
delving into the culinary spheres and the world of photography with a load of passion and a good dose of Rock 'n' Roll attitude.

Once Upon a Cakestand

Great baking Blog by a woman who says she is a
cookbook author and food editor, currently baking a year in cakes.

This blog is for French readers, but a clue for you:
There is a spot you can click for the English translation.