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FAQ Swiss Roots Travel

Is airfare included in the price of the tour?
Swiss Roots Tours are “land only” tours. Participants are responsible for making their travel arrangements to and from Zurich. This allows participants the option to use their preferred airline and/or find the best rates, as well as the opportunity for pre/post trips on an independent basis. Though our tours do not include transportation to and from Switzerland, we can try to arrange a “group fare” if 10 or more participants will be traveling to and from the same US gateway city. Keep in mind, the best fare may not be a nonstop flight.

These internet sites will help you find the best fares:

What requirements are needed to travel abroad?
A valid Passport for all travelers is mandatory. No immunizations are required.

Now that I’m in Zurich, how do I get to the hotel?
On arrival, you will check into the NH Hotel. The free hotel shuttle bus is located directly in front of the airport Arrival Hall. The bus runs every ½ hour and the schedule is posted. You may also use the shuttle bus to return to the terminal to take the train into the city center. In the event you want to “hit the ground running,” the hotel personnel will be able to assist you.

Can I meet others in our group before the 5:00 dinner?

Yes. Before we depart from the US, we will introduce everyone on the tour to the group via email or mail and inform everyone’s flight information. You may communicate directly in advance with other group members and the leaders. And if you need assistance, one of the tour leaders will gladly arrange to meet you on arrival.

What should I wear/pack?
Keep it simple and pack light. We will be moving from place to place and the travel company limits your baggage to one suitcase and one daypack. Dress will be casual for the trip. Laundry/dry cleaning facilities are limited, so pack versatile clothing that is hand-washable and dries quickly. Wear comfortable, broken-in walking shoes that work well for rocky trails and muddy pastures. A sample packing list will be provided upon completion of your registration.

For weather information:

What is Swiss Roots Day?

This is your day to explore Switzerland your way. You may stay in Bern as it is home to the State Archive of Bern. Here you will find the Bernese church registers (to 1875) which are a central source for genealogical research. Bern is in the center of Switzerland and is very well connected with the rest of the country so you can decide to hop a train and take off to your special destination. This is your day. Our guides are available to help you plan.

What is the time difference from the U.S. to Switzerland?
Switzerland is in the Central European Time zone (CET) which is EST + 6hrs.

Should I get currency exchanged in US or in Switzerland?

Generally it is recommended to use an ATM machine to exchange currency on arrival. ATM machines are located in the Arrival Hall. It is inadvisable to use any money exchange facility inside the airport except the ATM machines.