Individual Swiss Genealogy Pages

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Patrick Wild has developed a comprehensive website about Canton Glarus families. It contains more than 152,000 names, some with stories and additional information. The Glarus Family Tree /Glarner Familienstammbäume

Andreas Zurbuchen can assist in Habkern, Canton Bern genealogy. Look for his contact information here. 

140 surnames brought to the Bulkley Valley of west central British Columbia (Canada) by Swiss settlers, mostly in the 20th century.

 A genealogy database for the Swiss settlers of Vevay, Indiana.

Ancestors of Abraham Braker or Braegger  

Andrist Family Genealogy  

Ohio Swiss Alsace Basinger,Bösiger,Boesiger Family  

Cellier Families  

Dutoit: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland  

Abraham Flury Ancestry  

Families from Canton Fribourg  

Gander/Ganders Family History  

Casper Glattfelder Association of America: First settling in York County, Pennsylvania in 1743. Glatfelters, Gladfelters, Glotfeltys, Clodfelters and Clotfelters   

Junod Généalogie - Lignières - Neuchâtel - Suisse  

Klassy / Klaesi Family from New Glarus, WI & Switzerland  

Ancestors of John Paul Kuenzler 

Näf-Neff Name and Resources  

Neuenschwandger / Niswonger of the region of Signau  

Rubis of Reichenbach im Kandertal  

Schori, Schory, Schorey descendants of Bendicht Schori  

Schürch Family Association of North America  

The Swiss Volhynian Genealogy Database has more than 27,000 names of Swiss Amish who spent a hundred years in Prussia/Russia before emigrating to South Dakota and Kansas in 1874. 

Genealogie der Familie Daniel Stieger  

Stotzer and Stotser Swiss/US Family History  

Family Wichser of Schwanden 


Family Genealogy and Stories for Download

Descendants of Lux Streiff (pdf)


Descendants of Fridolin Zwicky (pdf)


Lybarger Leuenberger Swiss beginnings (pdf)


Swissville: Dixon, IL; Milk: Swiss Roots (pdf)


The Story of Karl Hans von Hauser (pdf)


Biography of Bertha Braun Schmidt (pdf)


The Zweifel Tree by Irma Smith 1972 (pdf)


Schmid Family Emigrates from Rubigen to North America (pdf)


Hauser John Peter 1887 Pedigree Chart (pdf)


Hefti Family Glarus 1920 Translated by Sue Wolf (pdf)