Requests and Fees

Research and Translation Fees

$30 per hour for members of our Swiss Roots Society members. $40 per hour for all others.  
A postage/handling fee will be added to all requests in addition to document and photocopying charges.

Reproduction Fees
General photocopy on office paper: $.25/page
True color inkjet print on photo paper (8 x 10): $10/page .

Email requests are preferred.

While we do not do genealogy work for you, we use our experience to provide ideas for you to become successful in your search for your Swiss roots.  

We will acknowledge research requests and payment upon receipt. Due to the large number of requests we receive, limited staff and our policy of taking them in date order, please expect a minimum of 8-10 weeks before a report is returned to you.

General consultation of 5 minutes or less is at no cost.


Archival holdings


Archival  holdings can be accessed by calling or writing in advance with a minimum one-week notice. Not all  materials may be available at all times. Archival materials can only be used within the Swiss Center.  

Many of our collections are available for reproduction in the form of photocopy, digital scan, or standard photography. Availability may be restricted and is dependent upon the stability of the material being requested and on copyright status. 

The Swiss Center is your search for Swiss roots, personal stories and our commitment to make sure Swiss heritage doesn't disappear in North America. 

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